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  1. Bengal B

    [CFP Semi-Final] 2019 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl @3pm on ESPN

    Nobody but that doesn't mean that they are not a very good football team. They played the schedule that was drawn up in past years. Not their fault that the ACC turned out to be total crap or that aTm fell way short of expectations.
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    Music Thread

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    Trump Will Probably Attend Game

    Will he be wearing a red MAGA hat or a purple or gold MAGA hat?
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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

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    "Summer of Schiff" not a total loss?

    May Shiff have a Stormy Monday
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    Oeaux My!

    Great take on how Oeaux has outsmarted college football.
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    [Mississippi State] Game Discussion and Expectations

    Bound to be some letdown between Florida and Auburn but they will do what they have to.
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    Made Muffulettas & an Italian Sub for the LSU/Florida Game

    A few years ago I was staying in Baltimore and me and another guy had to drive to Philadelphia for the day to sell some equipment. I wanted to get a cheesesteak, preferably from Geno's since I had heard of it. My coworker wanted to eat at Popeyes. He was driving. I used to get a...
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    Pickin' & Shreddin' guitar thread

    It's never too late. After trying to play when I was 20 and then not playing for over 30 years I started fooling around with an old Arbor Destroyer I had bought from a guy 20 years ago for $50. I learned a few things online that I didn't already know and then bought a cheap acoustic...
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    Oeaux My!

    A bountiful catch for the Rosy Finch.
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    Oeaux My!

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    Music Thread

    Big Luther Kent with my favorite version of Hey Fighting Tigers.
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    Little Known Facts

    I don't remember the Mc DLT. Maybe it was only around during The Summer of George.
  20. Bengal B

    How we score against Florida

    I don't think we have had a home ko return since Eric Martin vs Notre Dame in 1982. Chase is the most athletic WR and most capable player making the spectacular catch.